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Advanced Driving Tips from All Road Training

Here at All Road Training we like to pass on as much helpful information to drivers as we can, and we hope you find our advanced driving tips useful.  Within this section of our website we will delve in to many major elements of driving and how you can become more of an advanced driver.

We will regularly be updating and adding to this page, so make sure you come back to us often to check out our latest advanced driving tips.

Since the recession took full effect in the UK back in 2008, one thing all drivers quickly noticed was the escalating price of both petrol and diesel.  Driving your car has become very expensive for both individuals and businesses alike. However, there are certain advanced driver tips you can adopt to help lower the day-to-day costs of driving.

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Many drivers these days seem to be unsure how best to deal with emergency service vehicles running under blue light conditions, particularly at hazards such as red traffic lights, so here is some simple guidance.

With modern vehicles being so well insulated against external sound, distant sirens can be hard to hear. In busy urban areas, consider lowering a window a little so as to greatly increase aural awareness.

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Good news, the number of UK road deaths in 2013 was the lowest since records began in 1926, down 2% on 2012 figures. Bad news, 1713 people were nevertheless killed on our roads (equating to nearly 5 per day).

Evolving active and passive safety technology in modern vehicles, plus improvements to road engineering are largely to thank for the decrease in fatalities, and so too is advanced driver training; with more and more businesses and organisations investing in advanced driving courses for regular drivers.

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Many people have heard the phrase, ‘Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule’, used as a measure of supposedly safe following distance. Laudable as it is to have such a measure, the problem is that the 2 second rule is largely misunderstood and used as ‘one size fits all’ panacea, even by many in the advanced driving industry.

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Remember to check back regularly for the latest advanced driving wisdom from our experts.

We hope these straightforward advanced driving tips help you.  For more information about advanced driver training and the courses we can offer, please browse through our website.  

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