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Here at All Road Training we like to pass on as much helpful information to drivers as we can, and we hope you find our advanced driving tips useful.  Within this section of our website we will delve in to many major elements of driving and how you can become more of an advanced driver.

We will regularly be updating and adding to area of our website, so make sure you come back to us often to check out our latest Advanced Driving Tips.

Advanced Driving Tip: Help Emergency Response Drivers Make Progress & Avoid Prosecution

Many drivers these days seem to be unsure how best to deal with emergency service vehicles running under blue light conditions, particularly at hazards such as red traffic lights, so here is some simple guidance.

With modern vehicles being so well insulated against external sound, distant sirens can be hard to hear. In busy urban areas, consider lowering a window a little so as to greatly increase aural awareness.

Consistently scan the far, middle and near distances, plus to the sides and rear, to actively search for and identify all manner of hazards in all environments; mindful that we generally see what we expect to see.

Avoid over-reacting to the approach of a blue light vehicle (frequently the result of weak all-round observation); instead communicate your intentions clearly and act smoothly, mindful of how all those around you will interpret your communication.

When safe and appropriate to do so, pull in to the side to make space for safe progress down the middle of the road (‘parting the waves’).

Come to a complete stop only if and where appropriate to do so, mindful of the attention and response of other civilian road users both behind and ahead. Avoid stopping either alongside or too close to an opposing vehicle if this leaves restricted space for the emergency vehicle; or on a blind bend, for example, where you will force the driver you are trying to help on to the far side of the road and potentially in to conflict with unseen oncoming vehicles.

Keep in mind that it is sometimes appropriate to keep making safe progress, within legal constraints, to first clear a hazard and then allow the response vehicle to pass in a safe place.

You should not commit a traffic offence to make way for an emergency response vehicle, as this can lead to additional danger and/or prosecution. Do not be tempted to move through a red traffic light, for instance. All emergency response drivers are trained to work around such hazards where safe to do so, and indeed to switch off sirens and blue lights until the traffic lights change to green if it is not safe to make progress through the red light.

To help avoid blocking response vehicles in the first place, leave a generous ‘tyres and tarmac’ space ahead when stopping in traffic or at lights etc, leaving escape space to move forward and to one side if necessary.

When you see one emergency vehicle, anticipate another, and another etc. And be mindful in such an instance that the second and subsequent vehicles may be harder to identify if running in close proximity.

Hope this brief overview helps. By all means get in touch to find out more and add to your advanced driving skills.

We hope these straightforward advanced driving tips help you.  For more information about advanced driver training and the courses we can offer, please browse through our website.  

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