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Here at All Road Training we like to pass on as much helpful information to drivers as we can, and we hope you find our advanced driving tips useful.  Within this section of our website we will delve in to many major elements of driving and how you can become more of an advanced driver.

We will regularly be updating and adding to area of our website, so make sure you come back to us often to check out our latest Advanced Driving Tips.

Advanced Driving Tip: The Problem with the 2-Second Rule

Many people have heard the phrase, ‘Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule’, used as a measure of supposedly safe following distance.  Laudable as it is to have such a measure, the problem is that the 2 second rule is largely misunderstood and used as ‘one size fits all’ panacea, even by many in the advanced driving industry. 

Both the Highway Code and Roadcraft (the police drivers’ handbook) correctly advise a gap of at least 2 seconds in dry conditions, doubled in the wet and extended further in icy conditions.  The key words here being “at least”; something which is frequently omitted or forgotten.

To develop your advanced driver skills, consider the following when judging safe following distances:

In summary, following distances should be judged dynamically, based on continual assessment of the driving environment and specific hazard levels (both actual and potential), always able to stop safely on our own side of the road in the distance seen to be clear.

This leads us neatly on to the Safety Bubble concept, a key element of advanced driving, more of which soon…

We hope these straightforward advanced driving tips help you.  For more information about advanced driver training and the courses we can offer, please browse through our website.  

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