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Here at All Road Training we like to pass on as much helpful information to drivers as we can, and we hope you find our advanced driving tips useful.  Within this section of our website we will delve in to many major elements of driving and how you can become more of an advanced driver.

We will regularly be updating and adding to area of our website, so make sure you come back to us often to check out our latest Advanced Driving Tips.

Advanced Driving Tip: 2013 Road Casualty Figures

Good news, the number of UK road deaths in 2013 was the lowest since records began in 1926, down 2% on 2012 figures. Bad news, 1713 people were nevertheless killed on our roads (equating to nearly 5 per day).

Evolving active and passive safety technology in modern vehicles, plus improvements to road engineering are largely to thank for the decrease in fatalities, and so too is advanced driver training; with more and more businesses and organisations investing in advanced driving courses for regular drivers.

Whilst the decrease in road collision deaths is welcomed, there were still 138,660 personal injury crashes reported to the police in 2013, causing 183,670 casualties, of which 21,657 suffered serious (meaning life-changing) injury. With the HSE estimating that around a third of all traffic collisions involve someone driving at work at the time, this means that approximately 20 company or public sector drivers per day are involved in serious crashes, with an estimated 11 killed each week.

High quality advanced driver training very significantly mitigates road risk, helping drivers not only avoid crashing themselves but also avoid becoming entangled in other drivers’ crashes. Key within this is to actively manage the space around our vehicle, creating and maintaining a secure ‘Safety Bubble’ backed up by escape route options to the front and, wherever practical, to the side.

We will look at how to achieve this key safety principle in a future instalment, coming soon…

We hope these straightforward advanced driving tips help you.  For more information about advanced driver training and the courses we can offer, please browse through our website.  

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