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Client Testimonials

 All Road Training are thoroughly professional throughout the process of delivering advanced driver training to our employees.  The tailor made training has provided invaluable skill sets to all our drivers along with being highly motivational.  The quality and degree of training complement our own philosophy, crucial when working with high performance and world premier cars (inc. Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Rolls Royce).  The whole team has an excellent rapport with all the people that they have come in to contact with; so much so that they now work directly with our managers in organising dates for training.  We have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending All Road Training to any company who wishes to use their talents to provide driver training.   

HR Owen Plc

 We have not had a single road traffic incident in the year since working with All Road Training, and have reduced our near losses associated with vehicles by 80%.  Thanks for a good job carried out very well.  Trainers were as personable as they were professional, giving each individual driver an excellent one-to-one assessment coupled with sound instruction and advice.  A pleasure working with you and I would recommend All Road Training to any company thinking of training and assessing drivers of company vehicles.

BIS Industrial Services Ltd

 The service we have received from All Road Training has been excellent, with a bespoke training programme created specifically to suit our needs, which includes driving under blue light conditions.  The training was fitted around our busy schedule, which meant little down time to our service.  The trainer assigned to us was very knowledgeable and pitched the training at a level our staff could understand, in what is a challenging environment to work.  All feedback from our drivers has been very complimentary.  I strongly recommend All Road Training and hope we will be working in partnership in the future.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust

 I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.


 Thank you very much for your very professional approach to our specific request for driver training, together with your open and friendly manner which made us all feel very comfortable both in and out of the car.  We all benefitted greatly from your training programme and helpful advice.  As a company we would like to thank you and look forward to carrying out regular refresher courses.

Ringspann (UK) Ltd

 We have enjoyed working with All Road Training.  They always do their best to accommodate our needs and our drivers always say how much they enjoyed the training and how much they learnt.  We look forward to working with All Road again in the future.

FES Limited

 Prior to seeking advanced driver training for our field operatives, we had encountered some driving incidents involving 3rd party claims which, in turn, had increased our insurance costs.  Engaging the services of All Road Training not only made our drivers much safer and more aware, but was evidence to our insurance company that we had put in place appropriate steps to minimise our claim liability.  In the year since the initial training, we have been claim and collision-free and expect to substantially reduce both our insurance costs and uninsured losses.   In real terms, we anticipate the training producing a net saving to the business.  The instructors were excellent, and All Road Training provided a thoroughly professional service that we will continue to use and can wholeheartedly recommend.

WRc Plc

 Despite being given only vague guidance that we wanted training to satisfy PUWER regulations, All Road Training provided comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction to all our candidate drivers.  All who attended came away feeling that they better understood the capabilities of their vehicles and their own capacities and limitations as drivers.

All Road Training exceeded the mandate of satisfying the regulations and made the training fun, bespoke to each driver and above all a contributory factor to the project safety record.

Southern Gas Networks

 After 2 days with All Road Training, myself and a colleague were confident of our abilities when it came to taking our B+E trailer tests.  The detailed training was tailored to suit our individual requirements, leaving us both feeling as though we had plenty of time to improve on our specific weaknesses.  A thoroughly worthwhile experience as we both passed our tests at a high standard.  We would whole-heartedly recommend the training and would like to say thank you again to the team at All Road Training.

Safety Devices International Ltd

 I would highly recommend anyone that requires driver training to get in contact with Ivan at All Road Training.  All who received training from All Road enjoyed the days they had with the instructors and are now very professional drivers.  I will be recommending All Road Training to anyone who requires driver training.

GBM Support Services Group

 I was very impressed with the course provider, All Road Training; in particular the instruction was excellent and at just the right level.

HM Coastguard

 A brief note to thank you for accommodating our training requirements and successfully guiding our three employees through their B+E Car and Trailer Tests.  All three delegates spoke very highly of the trainer and his approach to their training and definitely feel that without his help they wouldn't have achieved their excellent results.

British Pipeline Association

Driver Comments

We measure individual driver satisfaction through an online questionnaire, the link to which is emailed to drivers several days after their training in order to gain completely honest feedback.  Across all our clients, average driver satisfaction in the quality and benefit of our training stands at 95%.

 The training has made me think about driving in a different light and has definitely increased my driving skill.  Only at the weekend I escaped an accident where the driver behind didn't see my brake lights and I moved in to my escape space just in time.  I also now feel much more in control of my car, giving me a much more rewarding driving experience.

L. Hartgrove

 Rob made me feel at ease immediately and came across as really enthusiastic about what he does.  I felt the training was excellent and I have already begun using some of my new driving skills.  I would recommend this training and hope to undergo further training with All Road.

P. Woodley

 I was a little apprehensive but Roy very quickly reassured me and all his explanations were concise and delivered in a manner that made them easily understandable and also usable.  Thanks for making what could have been a very stressful experience an informative and rewarding one.

D. Holmes

 The day spent with All Road Training significantly advanced my comfort, efficiency, safety and confidence, and has considerably improved both my safety and fuel economy.  This is really impressive as I’m a high mileage driver with 35 years’ experience, and have previously benefited from numerous driver training sessions over the years with a former employer, resulting in me achieving a ‘Gold Standard’.  All Road’s trainer, Rob, identified areas in need of re-visiting and improving whilst on the road, taking regular breaks to discuss and assess improvements before executing them on the next road section.  A key benefit gained from my day was to accommodate alternative driving techniques to improve fuel efficiency as well as safety.  I consider the training to be very well worthwhile and would certainly recommend the services of All Road Training.

M. Bailey

 I was very impressed by the care and thoughtfulness that was given to tailoring the training to my specific needs.   Having driven safely for over 35 years, this course made me reassess my driving attitude and skill levels, and move them up a gear.  The knowledge gained has been invaluable and I can highly recommend All Road Training to anyone who takes an interest in their safety and that of other road users.

D. Beanlands

 I found the training informative despite my original concern of "why do I need to do this?". I find that I have thought of and implemented the observations and resultant comments in my day-to-day driving since.

A. Chard

 Excellent. The areas for improvement were clearly explained and the exercises to improve appropriate. The environment created was supportive and the pace and breaks appropriate.

F. Van Der Linde

 Excellent - really enjoyable training. Extremely personable and I feel I took a lot from the session that I can apply both at work and at home.

C. Boon

 Thoroughly enjoyed course and Brian was brilliant. Very relaxing, friendly and turned up early, which was a bonus.  The whole experience was great and I was very pleased to take part.

R. Edmonstone

 Excellent training for anybody who enjoys driving or has to drive a lot. Rob clearly knows his stuff and provided a lot of pointers and techniques to improve my driving style.

M. Walker

 Very worthwhile course & experienced, knowledgeable trainer.  Would highly recommend.

V. Coltart

 Very knowledgeable instructor, who was expert at putting his trainee at ease.

S. Fife

 My risk level has dropped since the in-car training and I feel much more confident on the road. Rob listened to my concerns and gave me useful suggestions which I have put into practice. Many thanks.” 

L. Leigh

 I have never enjoyed a training course so much (loading a heavy, awkward, 3-wheeled machine on to our new tri-axle trailer).  Ivan was professional at all times but also kept us laughing with his sense of humour.  At the end of the day he had trained us to do things we never thought possible to do (with the trailer); that’s how good he is.  Thanks again Ivan for some very enjoyable days training.

P. White

 The driver training was excellent.  I really enjoyed it and it was very useful and practical.  The advice and guidance given was invaluable and will stay with me every time I get in the car.  Thank you so much.” 

N. Knowles

 I felt that the trainer tailored the training to my skill level, rather than following a prescribed set of rules.  Open discussion was encouraged, and I was made to feel completely at ease. An excellent balance of city, open road and motorway driving.

A. Templeton

 Was a little apprehensive at first but was quite quickly put at ease before we set off and then found the training extremely worthwhile and is a definite benefit to all who undertake the training.

C. Chisholm

 A very friendly, informative and relaxed trainer.  Very pleased to have taken the course.  I would highly recommend to anyone.

A. Brown

 A first rate and enjoyable course. I am now using the skills learnt during the training on a daily basis.

S. Ridge

 An excellent session that anyone at any standard would learn from.

S. Davis

 Roy was friendly and put me at ease as I was quite nervous before the session. I found the whole session very useful and I'm sure I will be hearing Roy's voice in my ear when I use the car in the future - I hope my driving will improve further as a result. I have shared some of the lessons I learnt with colleagues, family and friends. I can't think of anything that would have made the session any better - apart from it being a full day!

D. Rowley

 Very, very good; I would advise everyone to do this. It makes you aware of the dangers that you face every time you step into the car/van. A great afternoon that made me think.

I. Donovan

 Very worthwhile afternoon - learned some very useful points to improve my driving which I am putting into practice as far as possible and also passing them on to others as I think they will also benefit from them.

T. Cocks

 I found the driver training very useful and the instructor made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The instructor’s level of expertise and training was excellent and it has really made a difference to the way I approach my driving.

P. Rickerby

 Roger is a very experienced and communicative trainer. He imparted a great deal of interesting information in a short period of time which I believe will help me to improve my personal safety when driving. An excellent experience.

S. Howell

 I cannot fault the service provided.  I am so impressed that I am thinking of getting my daughters to undertake the above training.

J. Charrington

 Much more rewarding than expected.

C. Matthews

 I felt that Rob was fantastic when taking the training. He made me feel completely comfortable and at ease, and everything that was advised and taught was very appropriate.

G. Jennings

 Very good course and a lot better than expected.  It was interesting and all very relevant.  Very good and highly recommended.

Z. Seager

 I really enjoyed this session although I was nervous to start with.  I have learnt so much that has made a difference to my everyday driving and now feel very calm and relaxed when I am out in the car.

T. Tremble

 Every aspect of the training was brilliant and I felt the instruction I had will make me a much more aware and better driver in the future.  It was a great experience; thanks a lot.

A. Pearce

 At first I thought it was going to be too long a session, but when I had my training I realised how much went into it. I found it extremely good.

L. Campbell

 Was sceptical about the benefits of the course prior to the day but found it to be extremely beneficial and enjoyable.

R. Slow

 This driving course was by far the most professional and beneficial that I have ever attended.

D. Hudson

 I would like to thank Rob for the training session, it was really interesting and informative, and his teaching style was excellent. I've already noticed than I'm implementing what I learnt during the training in my driving style, and I'm now considering a full advanced driving course. Thanks very much.

A. Smith

 The whole experience was excellent; the training was appropriate & delivered in an easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable manner.

S. Armstrong

 Roy was great, thorough and knowledgeable, plus he was a good laugh! Would definitely recommend.

J. Williams

 Excellent all round. The trainer was very knowledgeable, encouraging and made supportively critical, insightful suggestions for taking my driving skills forwards. An extremely helpful and useful opportunity for development. Many thanks.

S. Taylor

 A very informative and enjoyable day from which I feel I have gained a huge amount.  Thank you.

C. Kavalieris

 A thoroughly enjoyable day, which comfortably exceeded our expectations.  Instruction given was comprehensive with every effort made to ensure we got exactly what we wanted from the day.  We can honestly say that we now feel far more trusting of the Land Rover and more in control.  I have recommended the course wholeheartedly on our company training log and to my line manager who is looking to send more people your way."    

M. Robson

 I found the whole course gave me confidence and will allow me to undertake my duties in a safer manner in the future.  I learned more about off road driving and its limitation in one day than I had in 5 years driving Land Rovers off road in the army.

S. Summers

 The training was excellent, I feel much more confident about driving off road. Thanks for a great day!

C. Hawkins

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