Advanced Driver Training

Effective. Measurable. Necessary. Advanced Driver Training that works for your business.

When you need people to drive for work purposes, safeguarding those drivers and keeping your motoring costs to a realistic minimum are likely to be high priorities.

How it works

We take the time to get to know you and understand your specific requirements.

We then advise on the most appropriate solutions, tailored to your business needs.

We meet your drivers from your office or other convenient location(s).

We put your drivers at their ease (after all, this is not a test!), and gain an understanding of their own challenges or concerns on the road, and how we can make their time with us as beneficial as possible.

Following vehicle and eyesight checks, we want to see ‘what we are working with’, so each training course starts with a brief Honesty Drive, i.e. without much input from us. This is deliberately relaxed, and has no bearing on the final risk appraisal: we are simply looking to see each driver’s existing strengths and weaknesses, so that we know where best to focus our input.

Only then can we tailor the specific content and intensity of training to each driver individually, which we believe to be critical in making the exercise (and your investment) truly beneficial.

Our training style is conversational and friendly, subtly encouraging drivers to become more engaged in the driving process, and in most cases making driving much more enjoyable for them. This helps to banish the all too common problem of people merely travelling on ‘auto pilot’.

We believe that drivers gain most benefit from practical application of new thought processes and techniques, so training sessions revolve around actual driving rather than classroom theory. Refreshment breaks are built into longer courses, so as to maintain concentration and comfort for all.

Where practical, we like to cover all key road types in training, yet are ever mindful to focus on the sorts of roads, areas or hazards most appropriate to each driver and client.

At the conclusion of training, we run through a comprehensive Risk Appraisal with each driver, based on the standard of skill and safety  attained. This is forwarded to you for your HR and training records.

Several days after training, we email each driver to request their feedback on their time with us; ever keen to improve upon our 95% average feedback score over the last 10 years.

Key training techniques

Depending on specific objectives and driver ability, training frequently covers:

Training Formats

Our standard training formats offer you the choice of:


Advanced driver training prices start at just £200 + VAT per driver

Why invest in advanced driver training?

What makes All Road Training your ideal fleet driver training partner?

* We are fully committed to meeting your expectations and therefore warrant the quality of all driver training: put simply, if you don’t like what we do for you, we would not expect you to pay for it. Do get in touch for full details.

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